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Umbrella Kids


The “Umbrella Kids” Foundation was established on 9th May 2016 by my wife Karen and me to improve access to education for ambitious young people from low-income background, especially from developing countries.

Based on an extraordinary moment we had in Jakarta 20 years ago, where poor boys offering an umbrella service got drenched when walking behind business people using the umbrellas to protect themselves from the heavy rainfall, we had the aim to help underprivileged children, especially in Asia. The name “Umbrella Kids” reflects this key moment.

Increasing their chance of education will give them the opportunity of a better perspective in life and to contribute to the economic development of their country. We strongly believe that education is imperative for the growth of an individual as well as society and access to education is a key to improve people's life conditions.

In the first phase of the programme, the Foundation has awarded scholarships in Myanmar to support young people with the funding of a college education helping them play their role in the further development of their home country. The aim is to extend the scholarship programme to other countries, especially in Asia.

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