News 2017

Significant progress in developing new production routes for biorenewables by CasCat (May 2017)

CasCat successfully developed new production routes for biorenewables from sugar beets or straw instead of petroleum, thus contributing to a sustainable and renewable economy.

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Publication of the book “Academic Spin-Offs and Technology Transfer in Europe - Best Practices and Breakthrough Models Book” (April 2017)

The book, edited by Sven H. De Cleyn and Gunter Festel, shows best practices used by leading academics and professionals across Europe, the editors provide new and practical insights on the topic in an attempt to resolve the European paradox.

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Dispendix ranked 20 in the top 50 start-ups in Germany in the year 2016 (March 2017)

With its dispensing devices, Dispendix won several start-up competitions in 2016 and also made it into the top 50 Start-up list 2016. In this interview, CEO and co-founder Harry Böltz explains the strategy of Dispendix.


Aquarray a winner of the conceptual phase of the Science4Life Venture Cup 2017 (March 2017)

Aquarray is one of 10 winners of the conceptual phase of the Science4Life Venture Cup for its unique screening platform which can be used in the field of personalised medicine.

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