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Participation of Montis Air in a research project at the University of St. Gallen (December 2020)

Montis Air is a project initiated by Gunter Festel to evaluate the possibility of a point-to-point air travel platform as an alternative to traditional air travel to save time and to avoid overcrowded airplanes and trains. A research project at the University of St. Gallen together with Montis Air evaluated the feasibility to realise such a platform.

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Foundation of Cerefort to commercialise compounds with a beneficial effect on mitochondria (October 2020)

Cerefort has developed a beverage called Mitobene, which is highly enriched with D-lactate. Mitobene provides all the health-related benefits of fermented foods in addition to its high D-lactate content. The product allows convenient uptake of D-lactate in concentrated form.

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Redesign of the Lifescience Venturing lectures in Basel and Berlin to a completely virtual format (June 2020)

Due to the Corona crisis, the Lifescience Venturing lectures at the University of Basel and the Technische Universitšt Berlin were redesigned to a completely virtual format. The lectures provide an overview on the founding and building up of start-up companies, especially in the life science area.


Market introduction of the Calorsito analytical device to measure nanoparticles by NanoLockin (May 2020)

The Calorsito device can analyse nanoparticles by their heating due to light absorption using lock-in infrared imaging. The simplicity of the measurement combined with a fast readout and no need for complex sample preparation leads to significant time and cost savings for nanoparticle analysis.

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Multi-million financing of Aquarray by the SME Instrument grant and the founders (April 2020)

Aquarray has been selected for an SME Instruments grant within the Horizon 2020 framework of the European Union. With a multi-million budget, Aquarray is able to further develop its technology. The grant was possible, without external investors, through funding by the founders.

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