News 2021

Foundation of the Swiss Institute of Longevity to support startup activities in this area (May 2021)

The Swiss Institute of Longevity was founded on 9th May 2021, to support early-stage start-up activities in the field of longevity. The core element is a network of scientists and experienced entrepreneurs who evaluate potential projects. After a positive evaluation, they support the start-ups, on a case-by-case basis, financially and operationally with their work and network.

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The development of the AirTox Monitor within NanoLockin will be funded by a Eurostars project (May 2021)

Nanolockin will develop the AirTox Monitor together with a partner in Germany. This device will be able to characterise particulate matter, which is an immense problem for public health, much better than existing devices. The development work will be funded within a Eurostars project

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Support of Smartflyer as advisor (April 2021)

The Swiss company Smartflyer is developing, with a team of 15 experts, an electro-hybrid 4-seater aircraft with a more efficient aircraft design. The project is currently being financed with private money and through the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Gunter Festel joined the team in 2020 and supports the management of Smartflyer.

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