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Foundation of Triterp to commercialise a yeast technology platform for the production of Triterpenoids (October 2022)

TriTerp is a company focussed on the development of a patent-protected yeast technology platform to produce triterpenoids. The company was founded in 2022 in Switzerland to further develop and commercialise the technology.


Reviewer in the selection process of two new large research institutes in Germany (August 2022)

The German government, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt will fund new large-scale research centres in Germany with more than two billion euros. Gunter Festel, in his role as professor for entrepreneurship at the Technische Universitšt Berlin, was a member of the commission evaluating the concepts.

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Aquarray has first results to show within Numerous Partnerships with Equipment and Biotechnology Companies (August 2022)

Aquarray's DMA technology enables miniaturisation of screening experiments, resulting in significant material and cost savings. Recognizing the potential, numerous equipment and biotechnology companies have partnered with Aquarray to solve specific analytical problems.

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Shareholder and new member of the board of directors of the electro-hybrid airplane company Smartflyer (July 2022)

Gunter Festel, an experienced entrepreneur, who has advised the management of Smartflyer since April 2021, became a shareholder and joined the board of directors. Smartflyer is a Swiss project developing an electro-hybrid airplane. The project is currently being mainly financed by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

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Aquarray further expands innovative product range and ushers in new era of screening (February 2022)

Thousand times fewer reagents and a hundred times fewer cells - this is the approach of the innovative droplet microrray technology (DMA) developed by Aquarray. The goal is to offer a fully automated screening solution for the simultaneous testing of hundreds of drugs or patient samples.

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Editorial on the importance of entrepreneurship in the journal Nachrichten aus der Chemie (February 2022)

In the editorial of Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the official publication of the German Chemical Society, Gunter Festel pleads for more courage for entrepreneurship. The German Chemical Society (GDCh) could play an important role in this by further strengthening and extending existing networks.

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Reviewer in the selection process for the National Growth Fund of the Dutch Government (January 2022)

The National Growth Fund is intended for one-off public investments that contribute to future economic growth. Gunter Festel, in his role as professor for entrepreneurship at the Technische Universitšt Berlin, was a reviewer by the evaluation of concepts within the final selection process of the second round of the National Growth Fund.

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