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Gunter Festel has published an article about the failure of governmental funded start-up initiatives in Germany (December 2023)

Based on his twenty years’ of experience as a founding angel and parallel entrepreneur, Gunter Festel presented a personal analysis regarding technology transfer through spin-offs in Germany in the German journal Wissenschaftsmanagement.

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An English translation of the most important aspects can be found as LinkedIn article here. Link


Gunter Festel has been appointed to the Humansa International Advisory Board (October 2023)

Gunter Festel will support Humansa in realising its strategy to establish business models in the areas of longevity. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations across the Greater Bay Area, Humansa is the health and wellness service platform of New World Development as one of Hong Kong’s most successful companies with interests in retail, property and numerous other businesses.

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TriTerp has developed a patent-protected yeast technology platform to produce triterpenoids (September 2023)

TriTerp’s proprietary yeast platform opens access to chemical space of triterpenoids with estimated 20,000 molecules. With triterpenoids, many new applications are possible in the field of anti-aging and longevity. TriTerp offers various co-operation models for specific molecules ranging from out-licensing of the technology platform to joint R&D projects.

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Cerefort established a scientific advisory board (August 2023)

Cerefort welcomes Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Peter Majer, Prof. Dr. Heinz Reichmann and Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schütz to its scientific advisory board. This advisory board has extensive expertise in all areas important to Cerefort like strain development, Parkinson's prophylaxis and therapy, mitochondrial analysis and marketing/licensing know-how.

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Second study with Mitobene shows promising results (May 2023)

Cerefort has developed a beverage called Mitobene, which is made from grains using a patented fermentation process and has a high D-lactate content. After a first study at the beginning of 2021, another study was conducted at the end of 2022. Several persons took 100 ml of Mitobene daily over a period of 1 month. This study showed that Mitobene has a positive influence on physical performance.

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Aquarray's DMA technology opens the door to new paths in personalised medicine (May 2023)

Aquarray's DMA technology opens the door to new paths in personalised medicine. Due to the extreme miniaturisation of the test volumes, a few cells from biopsy material are sufficient to test the efficacy of various drugs in parallel on the patient's own cells. This makes possible a patient-specific therapy of cancer by selecting the most effective drug therapy.

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Nanolockin develops new air quality monitoring technology to measure ultrafine particles (April 2023)

NanoLockin has developed a new method based on lockin thermography to measure particles. This involves heating the particles with light and analyzing the heat. Compared to existing particle measuring devices, this basic physical principle of adsorption instead of light scattering can specifically detect combustion products, such as soot particles.

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Invero invests the electro-hybrid airplane company Smartflyer (April 2023)

The Smartflyer AG is developing an electric aircraft with range extender for private aviation. It also fulfils the purpose of an emission-free training of pilots. The project is now receiving a further growth boost through the entry of Invero. Invero attaches great importance to future-oriented investment products that generate sustainable added value for people and the environment.

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Postitive effect on Mitochondria in the first exploratory pilot study of Cerefort (April 2023)

The participants received a defined daily doses of Mitobene with high D-lactate content. Blood was collected before and at the end of the study. Parameters of mitochondrial activity, like the Bioenergetic Health Index (BHI), were measured by the German diagnostic laboratory Biovis in Marburg. After 6 weeks of Mitobene intake, the BHI index improved and so did important parameters of mitochondrial activity, especially of the Parkinson’s patients.

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Aquarray launches the DMA Plate and develops the Integrated Screening System (March 2023)

Aquarray GmbH, Leopoldshafen, has been marketing the Droplet Microarray, or DMA for short, for 2 years. The DMA can be used manually as a slide, like the microtiter plate, or as a DMA plate in an automated environment. Currently, the Integrated Screening System (ISS) is being developed to illustrate the automated use of the DMA.


NanoLockin has improved the Calorsito analytical device to measure nanoparticles (March 2023)

The Calorsito has recently received several upgrades and improvements. The software now incluldes an option for direct data treatment and a patent-pending method to improve the accuracy of the data has been implemented. To broaden the possible applications for the method, an instrument that allows the measurement of solid, non-transparent samples has been developed.

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