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Political Views


During my economics study at the University of Bayreuth, I was fascinated by liberal economic theories with the work of Friedrich August von Hayek representing the Austrian School or - even more - Walter Eucken representing the Freiburg School of ordo-liberal economic theory.

Ordo-liberals promoted the concept of the social market economy, and this concept promotes a strong role for the state with respect to the market, which is in many ways different from the ideas connected to the term neoliberalism.

Unfortunately, nowadays, economic liberalism is represented only by neoliberalism with all the negative effects correlated with uncontrolled pursuit of profit. This, in combination with the strong nationalistic trends in many countries worldwide, can make one lose faith in the future of humanity.

To counter this, I am a member of the Swiss political party FDP.The Liberals and served for several years as executive board member of the party within my local community Stansstad and was responsible for finance.

Furthermore, I have founded together my wife Karen, the “Umbrella Kids” Foundation to improve access to education for ambitious young people from low-income background, especially from developing countries. Please visit the page "Umbrella Kids" on this website for more information.


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